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Wills/Adoption/Personal Attorney Client

I highly recommend Mr. William Burns as an attorney. He was excellent throughout our wills process … very communicative and explained all our options every step of the way. He made what was a very important issue extremely easy by answering all our questions and concerns. We were so impressed with his service that he is now our personal attorney handling all our family matters including an adoption. We clearly value his experience as we’ve placed our most important matters in his extremely capable hands.


Bill’s genuine personality and concern for family disputes appealed to me and I felt like I was being represented fairly and justly.

I met Bill Burns and hired him as my lawyer to represent me in a child custody battle for my daughter. Bill’s genuine personality and concern for family disputes appealed to me and I felt like I was being represented fairly and justly. The outcome was great. My daughter and I are together and thanks to Bill, we can get on with our lives in a positive way. His knowledge of family law is remarkable.

Ryan E.

An Outstanding Attorney

I am currently working with Mr. Burns in regard to child custody issues. On a professional level, he has been both intelligent and reasonable, while still willing to fight in defense of my interests. As for his fees, I have found them to be extremely reasonable, particularly when compared to other attorneys in this field. On a personal level, Mr. Burns is a very affable person and a genuinely nice guy. I sought out Mr. Burns because I was looking for someone who could defend the interests of a father (which I believe is generally lacking in the legal system), but I believe that he would serve any client well, regardless of gender. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal advice and support.


Great Lawyer!

I highly recommend Attorney Burns to anyone looking for an honest and trustworthy lawyer. He is willing to go the extra mile for his clients and fights for what is right. He is the only lawyer I will ever use.


An Attorney you can trust

Bill Burns’ Firm handle my child custody case so professionally.
They kept me informed through out the whole process and was available for questions anytime! I would highly recommend Bill Burns to anyone.

Michael M.

A lawyer that was on my side

Bill Burns is a lawyer that is on your side. Several years ago I was involved in a child custody issue that was mentally and financially draining. Lawyers that had looked at my case prior left me with too many questions that were unanswered. Bill Burns was certainly a refreshing lawyer to come upon after a friend referred me to him. He was efficient, kept me informed about the progress of my case, and most importantly did not leave me with outstanding lawyer fees. Thanks to Bill I now get to live happily ever after with all my children under the same roof. I am grateful for everything he has done, he certainly is a lawyer that will go above and beyond his duties.

Mary Jane

All I have to say about Mr. Burns and his law firm is “WONDERFUL.”

Mr. Burns is very reliable, professional and knowledgeable about his work. I have and will continue to recommend people to him.

Helen V.

Bill not only knows the law but interacts with his clients in a very personable way.

Attorney Burns handled three legal matters for me. One is still pending but I don’t expect any bumps. This was family issue (divorce). Bill not only knows the law but interacts with his clients in a very personable way. He is generally reachable (sans when in court) and thinks of innovative ways to settle his cases.


Best Attorney when it involves Father’s Rights in CT!

Attorney William Burns Jr. was extremely helpful when I dealt with obtaining custody of my daughter in 2015. I would refer Attorney Burns Jr. to all fathers who are being withheld visitation time, or has a child being raised in an unhealthy household environment. I can honestly say that Attorney Burns Jr. will be my daughter’s hero for the rest of her life. He saved my daughter from being raised in an unstable environment and helped me achieve the ability to give her what every child deserves in their life stability, and love. Throughout the process Attorney Burns Jr. was upfront and honest. At the beginning of my custody fight he stated that obtaining custody would be an uphill battle that would take time and patience, and that it did. Throughout my case Attorney Burns Jr. treated my case as if he was fighting for the well-being of his own child and he would do all that he could to achieve the right outcome for my daughter. He was very trustworthy and easy to communicate with. I cannot thank Attorney Burns Jr. and his staff enough for helping me acquire custody of my daughter and putting me in a position to show my little girl the true meaning of being a kid. I would recommend Attorney Burns Jr. to any father dealing with any custody issue and looking to put their children in a healthy and positive household environment.


An excellent attorney

Attorney Bill Burns represented me in my custody case last year. Throughout the case Bill was outstanding. He was always there when I had any questions and he always explained everything in such a way that I understood the processes that were taking place. I felt that Bill was vested in my case and was at my side throughout. It was reassuring to know he was my representation and he never let me down. I would not have achieved the outcome of my case without Attorney Burns and I know that few other attorneys out there would have followed through on it the way he did. I now have custody of my daughter and we love it. To keep it short I highly recommend Attorney Burns and would urge anyone to consider him as their representation. I’ve told all my friends and family about my positive experience with Attorney Burns and recommended him to all of them.


When Family MATTERS…

Bill Burns and his staff did an incredible job of advising and counselling me throughout my divorce process. While the circumstances for such an action could never be optimal, Bill and his team were supportive, responsive, collaborative, flexible and creative throughout the process. I would recommend Bartlett Burns LLC for any Husband or Father in their search for a solid and trustworthy family matters lawyer, especially if parental rights and the children’s best interests are of paramount importance.

A Client

Thank you Bill Burns

Bill and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me with getting my son back after almost 60 days without seeing him. I found Bill very easy to talk to and he put everything into language that was easy to understand. He and his associates were very friendly and courteous. They all made a very tough time a whole lot easier for me. I felt from day one that I was in good hands, and that everything would be taken care of and I would get my son back.


Excellent Family Attorney

Bill is our second attorney in a 10 year family case. The first attorney we had wanted us to agree to everything. Bill really cares and fights for the things we want. He is very knowledgeable, works hard and is extremely good at what he does. We would highly recommended Bill.


I HIGHLY recommend Attorney William Burns without hesitation.

Attorney William Burns has provided legal services to my family for many years now. He has served us in multiple capacities: He represented my oldest daughter in a real estate breach of contract lawsuit which she ultimately won and was awarded more compensation than she ever expected. This case was a very time-consuming and long battle which Attorney Burns handled with the utmost professionalism and patience. He represented my youngest daughter, who is mentally disabled, in a legal custody hearing and was extremely kind and understanding with her. This made the hearing process go so smoothly. My mother & father in law had no wills drawn up. They are in their 80’s and have been married 60 years. They were suddenly both facing major medical issues. It became imperative that these wills be written as soon as possible. This was a very difficult time for them. Not only were they having to deal with their new medical conditions but they were also having to face moving out of the home they had known for 25 years to move into assisted living. The last thing they wanted to do was think about their wills. Attorney Burns came to their home, sat down with them. He explained everything in detail and collected all the information he needed in order to complete the documents for them. Within a week, he had prepared both their Living Wills and Last Will & Testaments. He returned to their home and sat down with them, along with the witnesses, and reviewed all of the information with them step by step. The signing took place. Attorney Burns was aware that these documents needed to be completed and executed within a short time. His efficiency, kindness, professionalism and respect for my parents was beyond reproach.

Karen & Bruce B.

Great Lawyer That You Can Trust

Bill has been a great lawyer for our family. He has helped us with the adoption process and our wills and we know we can count on him on to be there for us. My wife and I are in the process of adopting a child; Bill has been instrumental in getting us through the piles of legal documents helping us to make sense of them and putting us more at ease. The adoption process is financially and emotionally stressful but knowing we have a great lawyer helps to lessen some of that stress. We have always found him professional, respectful and compassionate. I have and will continue to recommend Bill to anyone looking for a great lawyer.


Great attorney – explains everything in plain English

Bill is an intelligent and reasonably priced lawyer who really helped represent me well. Strong communication skills from lawyers is a plus! He explained everything in “plain english” so I actually knew what was going on, and he was patient and ALWAYS there when I had questions – even when I desperately called on weekends. And he never let me just settle – he fought for what was right for me and never said “this is the best you can get.” I would recommend Bill to anyone who needs legal help, and will use him again if I do.


Great communication and results, what more could you want?

Worked with Attorney Burns on multiple collections cases for my small business. The results tell the tale and he kept me abreast of what was going on as it was occurring.


He was compassionate that we wanted to get this process done expeditiously and called us back right away!

My husband and I had been long overdue in completing our wills and some estate work that was weighing heavily on our minds. It was something we dreaded, thinking it would be an unpleasant experience with many legal terms and conditions we wouldn’t understand. We called Attorney Burns to see if he could help us and received a phone call back that same day. He took us though the process with dignity and understanding of our situation and helped explain the terms in a way that we could grasp and understand. What could have been a very unpleasant process turned into one that we have comfort now knowing that our estate is in order and we can go on with our lives. We are very grateful for Attorney Burns and his strong worth ethic. He was compassionate that we wanted to get this process done expeditiously and called us back right away! We truly felt he had our best interests in mind. We would highly recommend him for probate matters.

Louise B.

Help with a sticky situation

A few years ago, I found myself in an unexpected and difficult legal situation. A situation that I, nor anyone I had known, had ever experienced before. I was completely unsure of what my rights were, where to go, what to do, or how to proceed. William Burns helped me through the process and was extremely professional. He guided me every step of the way and made sure that I understood the choices and legal jargon that were presented to me. He helped me find a swift and satisfying resolution.

A Client

Versatile attorney who makes an aggressive advocate

Attorney Burns has represented my interests in three separate cases. These cases included a bankruptcy where I was a creditor with a civil judgment, a housing issue where I was plaintiff over a withheld deposit, and a zoning issue where I was a plaintiff against a zoning commission’s desire to re-classify a property near my property from residential to business. In each of these cases, Attorney Burns kept me informed of the law, the possible arguments that could be utilized in an effort to get a favorable outcome on my behalf, and did so in an affordable fashion. I found him to be a passionate advocate on my behalf. He was able to utilized his personal relationships he has developed from networking with other attorneys. This allowed him to consider a broad strategy that encompassed a wide scope of knowledge in diverse cases. I highly recommend Attorney Burns. I do caution all those who enter into litigation as even the most passionate advocate may not be successful if the law is not in your favor. Litigation is a time and resource consuming process. While it is regrettable to say, the law is not about right or wrong. Your expectations and goals have to be realistic in each case.


It’s only in rare cases that I have heard of the father winning custody, and my daughter and I are forever thankful that Bill was there to make it happen for us… for our family… to keep us together

I recently was awarded physical placement of my daughter, with Bill as my attorney. Throughout the process Bill was amazing and irreplaceable, consistently showing that my case was a top priority for him. Whether dealing with difficulties brought on by my daughter’s mother or legal obstacles and delays from her attorney, Bill handled the case in a professional and efficient manner. He not only offered excellent advice, he also listened to all of my questions and answered them in such a way that I understood. Whenever I needed him, Bill was there. This among many other things made it reassuring to have him by my side. If I ever need representation again Bill will be the first and only person I call. It’s only in rare cases that I have heard of the father winning custody, and my daughter and I are forever thankful that Bill was there to make it happen for us… for our family… to keep us together

Nate A.

Fantastic Fathers Rights Lawyer

Bill Burns represented me in my divorce case. He was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. While being busy, as any worthwhile lawyer would be, he always managed to get back to me in a timely manner and treated me as if I was his most important client. He stated his objectives clearly and was honest about what my expectations should be. He was able to broker the exact deal I was hoping for even though I never thought it was possible. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Despite the divorce being finalized, most importantly, the process taught me and my ex that our child comes first and we’re able to move forward raising our child ‘together’ in separate residences. I strongly recommend consulting Bill Burns. Additionally, him team is awesome and easy to work with.

A Client

The most thorough and caring conversation I have ever had with a family attorney

Over the years residing in Connecticut, I have gotten to know many attorneys in the New Haven – Stamford area. I no longer live in Connecticut, but I still require legal assistance from time to time in the state. I was hesitant to contact any of the family attorneys I have gotten to know over the years. After all, my family matters are now in a phase where I do not care to share my concerns with old friends. I took the opportunity to contact Attorney Burns based upon his profile as shown on selected reputable online sites. When Attorney Burns and I finally spoke, I must admit that I was caught off guard. It was simply meant to be an initial consultation, yet he took a great deal of time to answer all my concerns in a very comprehensive, clear and highly competent manner. He went far beyond what was required in an initial consultation. At one point, he asked for a few minutes to research a matter of legal interpretation that we were discussing. Again, this was simply an initial consultation. It was the most caring conversation I have ever had with a family attorney. And, above all else, he put my mind completely at ease about my matter and provided me with a very clear path forward. I would advise anyone with a family law matter in the Connecticut area to seek the advice of Attorney Burns. It was most enjoyable speaking with him and I now feel I have the best attorney in Connecticut when needed for family matters!


Easy to work with

My husband and I worked with Atty Burns on our wills. His office was responsive and he made the process very easy for us. Atty Burns asked us questions to ensure we had everything covered and hadn’t left anything or anyone out of our wills. We’ll go back to his office in the future for any of our legal needs.

A Client

Excellent Family Attorney

Attorney Burns is a great asset to the legal community. While I was a client, Mr. Burns was extremely attentive to our needs and provided direct, accurate guidance in a very efficient manner. It was clear from the first time we met that his experience, not only as a lawyer but as a loving family man, made him the best candidate to represent our interests. Above that, Bill was able to explain the legal issues and long term implications of the decisions we made in a very straight forward manner – so that even I could understand them. Overall, working with Bill was a positive experience and I will definitely use his firm in the future.


I see my son more than I ever anticipated and enjoy seeing him grow up and being a part of his life.

I contacted Attorney Bill Burns when I needed a lawyer to represent me in a family matter. I had a child and was being sued for child support and wanted to provide for my son the best I could, but I wanted it to be fair. He met with me and explained the State’s guidelines and he helped make the whole process a lot easier to go through. Not only do I provide for my son who gives me a sense of pride, but he was able to work out a great visitation schedule. I see my son more than I ever anticipated and enjoy seeing him grow up and being a part of his life. Without Bill, I would have dreaded this point in my life. I would never think of going through a legal matter without him. He explained that I have rights as a father, too, and now my son and I enjoy a great relationship. Thanks, Bill!