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Creating Estate Plans For Your Future Needs

Last updated on October 7, 2022

Although thinking about death is unpleasant, planning for it is actually a positive step that everyone should take. By addressing estate planning today instead of tomorrow, you set up your family for financial stability and peace of mind if the unexpected should happen.

At Burns Thomas, LLC, we focus on estate planning for the people of Connecticut. Our attorneys care deeply about helping you create customized documents to address your end-of-life needs. With decades of experience behind us, we are ready to protect you and your family’s future through an estate plan.

Why Make An Estate Plan?

Many people think of estate planning as creating a will to leave assets to their inheritors. This is an important part of an estate plan, but there are also many more attributes that estate planning provides, such as:

  • Protecting your family’s future if you pass away unexpectedly
  • Strategically protecting your assets from tax penalties
  • Giving someone you trust the power to make decisions for you if you lose mental/physical capacity
  • Ensuring that medical providers provide the care you want
  • Avoiding the lengthy probate process
  • Providing for a juvenile or an adult loved one who has special needs

We care as much about these goals as you do. Our team will discuss how you want to use your estate plan and draft the documents to meet your wishes.

Protect Yourself With A Power Of Attorney

If you lose your mental or physical capacity to make financial, legal or medical decisions, a power of attorney can do it for you. This document is crucial in case of an emergency as it allows someone you trust to make choices that uphold your best interests. We can help you select the right person, anticipate issues that might arise and draft a legally binding contract for you.

Start Planning For The Future Today

Don’t put off estate planning because it seems unpleasant. Reach out to us and we can set you on the path toward a secure future. To schedule an initial consultation, call our Naugatuck office at 203-429-0473 or send us an email.